Each of Melissa Coppel’s chocolates tells a story


From stumbling on Iranian Saffron in Dubai Souk Market to sipping passion fruit and jasmine tea in Hong Kong, she brings her travels, memories and experiences home, folding them into the treats she shares with you.

Coppel extracts joy from transforming these raw ingredients into edible art, so that chocolate can become something more.

  • Dessert Bar 3 Pieces

    $28 (USD)
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  • Bonbons 12 Pieces

    $40 (USD)
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  • Bonbons 24 Pieces

    $80 (USD)
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  • OPÉRA Book

    $56 (USD)
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  • Chocolate Book

    $125 (USD)
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  • Glucose Powder

    $8 (USD)
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  • Crispy Wetproof Passion Fruit

    $57 (USD)
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  • Green Emerald

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