Chef Melissa Coppel collaborates with exceptional brands to craft collections that showcase the pursuit of excellence in your products and her creations. In these collaborations, Chef Melissa brings forward the same creative philosophy she has remained true to since the beginning of her career: Transforming the concept of plated desserts and chocolaterie into an extraordinary experience.

Chef Melissa Coppel has made a lasting impact in the chocolate world. As “One of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America”, according to Dessert Professional in 2016, her molded and enrobed pieces are the perfect element to make any event a memorable experience. In 2023, The New York Times selected her molded bonbon assortment as one of the “6 Best Boxed Chocolates” of the year.

Her collaborations with the renowned San Francisco bean-to-bar shop Dandelion Chocolate (2023) and her spectacular collection with J’adore Les Fleurs (2023) translate brand identities into chocolate experiences that leave a mark.

A collaboration with
Chef Melissa Coppel includes:

Accurately calculated Aw (water activity):

Accurate water activity and careful recipe balancing ensure that each product has a certified shelf life and is made safely according to your needs.

and delightful flavors:

Created directly by Chef Melissa, based on her travels, favorite recipes, and unexpected flavor combinations. From her New York Times award-winning Classic Salted Caramel Enrobed Bonbons to her special Molded Bonbon flavors (such as Mango Lassi, Mojito, or NY Cheesecake), each of Chef Melissa’s chocolates is a flavor journey that combines the care for texture, ingredients, and techniques of her chocolaterie and pastry expertise.

Exceptional presentation and quality:

Chef Melissa’s bonbons are world-renowned for their colorful, glossy shells, beautiful spraying techniques, and attention to detail. An official ambassador of Cacao Barry since 2015, Chef Coppel crafts all her bonbons and confections with the finest chocolates, cocoa butter, and cocoa powders on the market. Each product uses ingredients from the best possible suppliers, including Rare Tea Cellar, Sosa, Ponthier, and Fiddyment Farms.

Plant-based options:

Chef Melissa offers vegan bonbons and confections made with her own oat-based and ingredient-infused couvertures to innovate and go beyond classic dark chocolate options. Gluten-free options and other dietary restrictions are considered to create bonbons and confections that reflect your preferences.

A wide variety
of products:

In addition to bonbons, our collaborations also offer American-inspired candy bars (our reinterpretation of Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Butterfingers), chocolate treats (whoopie pies, s’mores, mendiants, tarts, rochers), and confections and dragées (marzipan, caramels, pâte de fruits.)

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