Online orders terms and agreements

Online orders
terms and agreements


FedEx One Rate with overnight and 2days express shipping only from May 1st to November (Priority Over Night , Regular Over Night <3pm-8pm> order before Friday, and 2 Days <4:30pm> order before Thursday). For rest of non-temperature sensitive items, we offer all shipping method through FedEx and all year.

All chocolate boxes that’s purchased before Monday 5:30pm PST, will be shipped on Wednesday (Overnight or 2 Days Express depends on shipping method that’s selected). For overnight will receive on Thursday and 2 days arriving Friday. 


When shipping to warm destinations we use ice packs and insulated packaging to ensure your chocolates arrive in excellent condition. Please make an effort to notify the recipient that a sweet gift is on its way so the package is not left outside in warm weather for too long. PS: We ship all over the US besides Hawaii.


Shipping Orders cannot be canceled or returned.