Bonbons 24 Pieces

24 piece bonbon box my Melissa Coppel

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For two consecutive years (2023-2024), The New York Times has insisted you to try Melissa Coppel’s boxes and discover her bonbons, praising their “whisper-thin skins that give way to meticulously conceived fillings.”

Inspired by composed desserts, each of Chef Melissa’s bonbons layers textures, provocative and nostalgic sources of inspiration, vibrant colors, and intricate details to entrance you with their hypnotic presentation and captivating flavors, which come “in dynamic waves” as aptly described by the famous paper.

With each order of this box, you’ll explore a diverse assortment of flavors, transforming every tasting into a fascinating and indulgent occasion. These 24 meticulously crafted molded and enrobed bonbons, personally made and painted by Chef Melissa herself, showcase the finest ingredients—from exotic purées and rare teas to spices, premium nuts, and Cacao Barry couvertures: some of the best in the world.

Discover why The New York Times has named these one of “The Best Boxed Chocolates.” Taste the captivating world of Chef Melissa’s bonbons now!