Bonbons 24 Pieces

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As the New York Times put it in their February 2023 article, “The Best Boxed Chocolates”; opening one of our 24 bonbon boxes is an invitation to chocolates with “whisper-thin skins that give way to meticulously conceived fillings.” Who are these for? They are for those who appreciate a fine dessert and are entranced by a hypnotically gorgeous presentation.

We take great pride in our glossy, hand-painted, and flavor-forward 24 piece bonbon box. Inspired by classic pastry and composed desserts, each one of our bonbons layers textures, flavors, colors, and details to create a carefully thought-out, visually striking, and delicious experience. As the critics of the New York Times claimed: “It’s worth slicing into the chocolates to see the cross sections, which are shockingly neat and composed. The flavors are balanced and intense, and they come in dynamic waves”.

When you receive one of our boxes, you will try a different assortment of flavors, so every experience remains equally as unique and engaging as the first one. Some of the flavors you may find are:peanut butter ganache with a touch of raspberry jelly and a brioche crouton; an unctuous yogurt ganache paired with raspberry rose jelly; our signature crème brûlée bonbons; or our espresso ganache with crunchy croissant duja.

This special variety of both molded and enrobed bonbons is always crafted by Chef Melissa Coppel herself, using the highest quality ingredients, including exotic purées, rare teas, spices, premium nuts; as well as Cacao Barry chocolate couvertures: one of the best chocolates in the world.