Recipes 2 So Good Book

A unique manual that includes all the recipes of issues 9 to 16 of so good, duly classified by type of product, ingredient, and chef

Why is So Good Recipes so popular? Because it includes all the recipes published in the issues of so good, a compilation that in this second instalment covers from issue 9 to issue 16. It is the perfect addition to each issue of this highly respected haute patisserie magazine. It classifies all the content depending on the type of creation, dividing the content into a total of 12 families of elements that in turn are divided into other sections, making it is easy to find cakes, mousses, creams, icings, jellies, among others. It is a powerful tool to encourage your creativity and which also lets you search, for example, for the main flavor used, or one of the 150 chefs creating each formula, in more than 1,600 recipes.

Renew your repertoire of creations, observe at a quick glance the latest trends in formulation, and compare the different options available to you based on the ingredients and techniques used by the best chefs of international fame. What more can you ask for from a recipe book?


Author: Magazine
Editorial: Vilbo

• Formato 22 x 21 cm
• Idioma Inglés
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• Tapa Semidura 332 páginas
• Año Edición 2018
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