Fruits Book

The most acclaimed pastry chef today, living in Paris and under the command of another emblematic French cuisine figure, Alain Ducasse, finally presents a book that goes over his creative mood.

Taking fruit as a starting point, the book, published in French, delves into the personal style of this chef which has made him worthy of worldwide fame. Mimetic desserts that replicate the original and pristine presentations in which every detail has been studied are two of his hallmarks. And in the gustatory part: purity and intensity of flavors. This is how desserts such as the lemon (book cover), the walnut, or the fig cake sublimate the original fruit and elevate it to an unforgettable category.

The book is divided into seven blocks depending on the type of fruit protagonist. Citrus, stone fruits, fruits with seeds, exotic fruits, red and black berries, wild fruit, nuts, and with peels. A complete review of the world of fruit at the hands of the creativity of this multi-awarded chef.

His creations usually start from a sketch, a drawing, that Cédric Grolet uses as a starting point to then try to turn into reality.

• Format 23 x 29 cm
• Language English and French
• Author Cédric Grolet Editorial: Ducasse
• Hard Cover 336 pages
• Year 2017
• Weight 2,2 Kg

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