Terms and agreements

Professional workshops
terms and agreements


Full payment of the registration fee (which shall be equal to 100% of the course fee) is required in advance in order to secure a space in the Class.

If you pay with a credit card, you have secured your space in the class. If you pay by cash, check or money order, your spot will only be secure until Melissa Coppel Chocolate and Pastry School has received payment.

For online classes, only registered students using the email address they provided during registration will be allow to join the Class, so we encourage students not to share their passwords.


Please be aware that courses are subject to change due to conflicts, instructor illness, travel issues, etc. You will be informed immediately of any date changes or course cancellations.

We highly recommend that you book refundable forms of transportation and accommodations, so if an unforeseen change occurs you will not be penalized for the changes.


If you cancel 60+ days prior to the first day of Class you have registered for, full refund will be provided.

If you cancel 45+ days before the first day of Class, you will receive a Class credit to use towards a future Class (within a year from the cancellation date).

If you cancel 45-20 days prior to the first day of Class you will receive 50% of the amount as a credit value, to be used for a future class (within a year from the cancellation date).

If you cancel less than 20 days before the class, you will not receive credit or any form of refund.


Tuition fee needs to be paid in full to secure your spot. Once the Class is paid, no refunds will be given.

Online orders
terms and agreements


FedEx One Rate with overnight and 2days express shipping only from May 1st to November (Priority Over Night , Regular Over Night <3pm-8pm> order before Friday, and 2 Days <4:30pm> order before Thursday). For rest of non-temperature sensitive items, we offer all shipping method through FedEx and all year.

All chocolate boxes that’s purchased before Monday 5:30pm PST, will be shipped on Wednesday (Overnight or 2 Days Express depends on shipping method that’s selected). For overnight will receive on Thursday and 2 days arriving Friday. 


When shipping to warm destinations we use ice packs and insulated packaging to ensure your chocolates arrive in excellent condition. Please make an effort to notify the recipient that a sweet gift is on its way so the package is not left outside in warm weather for too long. PS: We ship all over the US besides Hawaii.


Shipping Orders cannot be canceled or returned.


-Yearly subscriptions are non-refundable.  

-VIP subcription fee includes 3 Hand-On classes per year. 

-No spot in our Hands-On classes is automatically secured. VIP subscription members must register to all 3 Hands-On classes they wish to take as there are limited spots per class (between 14-16 people) to ensure all students have sufficient hands-on time. 

-If you cannot attend a Hands-On class, you need to let the School know at least 30 days prior. Otherwise, you will not be able to reschedule your Hands-On Class. Refunds are not provided.  

-Changing a Hands-On Class for another class of your preference is possible, as long as you let the school know 30 days before the date of the original class.  

-Hands-On classes are always subject to change due to unpredictable factors (flight cancellations, delays, illness of our guest Chefs, etc.). If this were the case, we will inform you about any date changes or definite cancellations.