April 7 - 9 2020


Jams and Spreads


Josep Maria Ribé

In 2001 he joined the Staff at the Chocolate Academy in Vic, Spain, formerly known as Aula Chocovic.
In 2004 he won the Spanish Championship and the prize as “Best young pastry chef in Spain”
In 2005 he won the MMACE or Best Master Artisan Chocolatier in Spain, the most distinguish tittle a Pastry Chef in Spain can have.
He is the co-author of the Chocolate Book called “Four in One”
Since 2015 he has been the Director of the Chocolate Academy in Vic, and the Chef for the Callebaut Brand.
Always curious, and looking for constant evolution he created a group alongside other great professionals in Spain called “Colectivo 21 Brix” A group devoted to creativity, sharing and evolution.



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Jams & Spreads

Chef Josep María Ribé has spent many years perfectioning the art of Fruit Preserves, Jams and Spreads, no wonder his passion for it is so contagious!
In this hand- on Class you will learn in depth the art of Jams and fat base Spreads like hazelnut and chocolate cream.
Start understanding what is the difference between using different pectins or working with fruits with different fiber contents. Also the importance of knowing the PH and sugar concentration, both key values to achieve the flavor and texture you are looking for.
You will also learn about pressure sealing and sterilization of the jars, the right storage conditions, as well as branding and packaging.
A large selection of Jams and Spreads will be made in this three day Class.

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