August 1 2021


8 day course, 5 chefs, 14 students maximum


Ramon Morató

His name is tightly linked to a profound knowledge of Chocolate and Chocolaterie d’auteur. Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef in 1997, and currently global creative director of Cacao Barry worldwide, Ramon Morató is also the author of the acclaimed book ‘Chocolate’, and co-author of the book ‘Four in One’ alongside Josep Maria Ribé, Raúl Bernal and Miquel Guarro.
Some of his Awards:
1997 – Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef (MMAPE’97)
1998 to 2017 – Director of Aula Chocovic, currently Chocolate Academy Spain.
2007 – Publication of the book ‘Chocolate’, World’s Best Pastry Book award (Gourmand Cookbooks Awards).
2016 – Coauthor of ‘Four in one’ on the boundaries of chocolate.


Andres Lara

Andres Lara had traveled the world working and exploring different cultures; this makes his work approach so fresh and unique.
He is now the Executive Pastry Chef at Melissa Coppel’s Chocolate and Pastry School in Las Vegas, but his work experience ranges from incredible places like El Bulli, Noma, the Cacao Barry Chocolate Academies in Montreal and Tokyo and The Park Hyatt Hotel in Chicago.
Some of his most notable mentors include Albert Adrià, Paco Torreblanca, Ramon Morato, Jacquy Pfeiffer, Sebastien Canonne - just to name a few -


Annie Kamin

San Francisco’s honoree, Annie Kamin is Dandelion Chocolate’s “Chief of Staff.”
Kamin managed the construction of the company’s new chocolate factory, cafe, and salon in the Mission, a massive 28,000-square-foot feat of chocolate-covered ingenuity.
A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Kamin has worked extensively in the field of chocolate making, working her way up the ranks from assistant cafe manager at Dandelion.
Kamin’s job is to make sure that the project succeeds at all points, from production to guest experiences. Kamin is “an empire builder in the making,” chosen from over 500 nominees.


Melissa Coppel

Melissa Coppel’s enter the world of pastry when she left her home country Colombia in her early 20’s to enroll at the French Pastry School in Chicago, where she graduated from L’ Art de la Patisserie Program. This whetted her appetite for the art of high level pastry. Through sheer determination, Coppel eventually landed in the pastry kitchen of the prestigious L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Las vegas, where she honed her pastry skills and soaked up knowledge like a thirsty sponge. She took continuing education classes in any free time she had. Then she took a position in the chocolate room of Caesar’s Palace Casino, where she spent hours working with chocolate. This was the spark that ignited her love affair with chocolate, and launched her very specialized career. Today, she runs the Melissa Coppel Chocolate and Pastry school in Las Vegas.
Melissa Coppel is a Cacao Barry Ambassador. 
She was named "Chocolatier of the Year” in 2013, and one of the “Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America” in 2016.


Frank Haasnoot

Frank Haasnoot is a Dutch pastry Chef with 23 years of experience, who currently works as a freelance consultant and pastry teacher around the world. After winning the World Chocolate Masters in 2011 Frank started working abroad for The Victorian in Kuwait -a high end pastry concept store- then The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taiwan and The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. He has recently published his first book PRISMA.



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Chocolate Boot Camp

An incredible opportunity to submerge yourself in the world of chocolate and learn from some of the best chocolatiers in the world.

Eight intense days and a very complete hands-on program that will be covering every topic in chocolate making, from the introduction about where cacao comes from, to making bean to bar chocolates, ganache formulation, vegan fillings, molded and enrobed bonbons, panning and chocolate showpieces. Now, let us explain to you how the full eight days will be divided:

Day one will start with chef Ramon Morató teaching you everything about Ganache Formulation and how make ganache recipes from scratch to have well balanced recipes that will have the texture and shelf life you are looking for.

Day two will continue with chef Ramon, this time learning the art of enrobed bonbons, while making six different recipes from start to finish.

Day three chef Andres Lara will explore Vegan and dairy free fillings for chocolate bonbons and Bars.

Day four chef Annie Kamin will deepen into the world of bean to bar: transform two simple ingredients like cacao beans and sugar into the most luscious ingredients of all time: Chocolate!

Day five will be spent with chef Melissa Coppel learning the art of molded bonbons and colorful spraying techniques to achieve glossy molded bonbons.

Day six chef Melissa will teach you how to make a wide arrangement of panning products

Day seven World Chocolate Master Frank Haasnoot’s will teach you everything he knows about artistic chocolate showpieces.

Day eight will be spent finishing the Chocolate showpiece. Then the final buffet will be prepared, diplomas and a champagne toast, Cheers!

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