September 1 - 3 2020


Pastry (Cakes, Entremets, Tarts, Petit Gateaux)


Enric Monzonis

Soon after he graduated from the prestigious Hoffmann Pastry School in Barcelona, Enric found himself in the great kitchens of Yann Duytsche, Josep Maria Rodriguez, and the 2 Star Michelin Restaurant Abac.
In 2014 he became the Head Pastry Chef at Tickets, Albert Adria’s famous Restaurant in Barcelona. He is now the Cacao Barry Chef at The Chocolate Academy in Spain, and also devotes his time to travel around the world spreading his knowledge and passion.



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Contemporary Spanish Pastry

New trends in pastry: beautiful, honest, flavor forward patisserie.

Chef Enric Monzonis believes simplicity is the new trend in Pastry. He propose a new line of Pastry that is simple, beautiful, clean and flavor forward, using less sugar and fat while respecting each ingredient.
A wide range of products including Cakes, tarts, petit gateaux will be made in this hands-on Class.

* This class will be translated from Spanish to English

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