Pre-Crystallization- or Tempering- 102

This course is ideal for anyone passionate about Chocolate! Not only beginners who are new to this world, but for people who have been working with chocolate for years, know for a fact that without a correct pre crystallization
-or tempering-  no chocolate work could be done, but do not fully understand what is really happening.

Colorful Spraying Techniques

An Online | Live Class where Chef Melissa will share with you her expertise on a topic that has taken her almost 10 years to perfect. A program designed for students searching for new ideas to refresh their collections with beautiful, colorful and glossy cacao butter designs. 


In this two intense days Class you will learn all the tricks and techniques to take your skills to a whole new level.

15 different colorful designs using tape, stencils, sponges, brushes and a spray gun will be made during the Class.

Running a Chocolate Production

For those of you that did not know, right before I opened my School I was the co-owner of a wholesale Chocolate company in Las Vegas.

We supplied all the casinos in town and many other hotels across the Country. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of bonbons… From that experience I have created a Class with a completely different approach. A class for those that currently have a business, struggle with their daily operation and are looking for answers to their problems. Also for those who would like to open a Chocolate shop one day. A Class where we will talk about flavors that make sense and that everyone will love. Decoration that are colorful and beautiful but that will not take more than two steps to do. We will also cover important topics like: cost, packaging, branding, storage, shipping and productivity.

Some of the highlights:

• Colorful cacao butter decorations and spraying techniques that are “production friendly”
• Fillings that are unique, simple and everybody will love.
• Long shelf life ganaches and fillings (all around 6 weeks)
• Shipping, storage, cost and branding tips.
• Packaging advise: information and contact of reliable manufacturing companies in the USA and China


Molded Bonbons:
  1. Brown Butter and Zephyr 35% Ganache | Sourdough Crunch
  2. Speculoos and Coffee Praliné
  3. Mandarin, Alto el Sol 65% and Thyme Ganache
  4. Olive Oil and Zephyr 34% Ganache | Lime Gel
  5. Bitter Caramel | Salty Hazelnut and Soba Cha Gianduja
  6. Pineapple Compote + Coffee |  Madirofolo 65% Ganache
  7. Passion Fruit, Matcha and Zephyr 34% Ganache | Pistachio Marzipan
  8. Strawberry, Lime and Sancho Pepper Ganache
Enrobed Bonbons:
  1. Peanut Butter Ganache | Strawberry Pâte de Fruit  |  Enrobed in 65% Chocolate
  2. Chewy Coffee Caramel | Sea Salt Caramel Ganache  |  Enrobed in 65% Chocolate

Enrobed Bars:

  1. Turtle: Pecan Praliné, Caramelized Pecan Pieces and Caramel | Enrobed in 65% Chocolate

Marshmallows and Pâte de Fruits

Next in
our Confections Series we will introduce you to the world of Pâte de
Fruits -or Fruit Jellies- and Marshmallows! Confections so decadent
and delicious that will be hard to resist, and the best of all? They are both: very
simple to make and have such a great shelf life that you will instantly fall in
love with them!

Chef Andres will propose unique flavor combinations
and textures to give a real twist to this Classic Confections. Be
prepared to be
surprised! And to hear your clients rave about them!

If you have ever taken a Class with
Andres you should know he is very food science oriented, so discussing the
different hydrocolloids, sugars or proteins inside each one of this recipes
will be a big part of this Class.

Class Program:  

  • Coconut and Tangy Sudachi Marshmallows
  • Salty Peanut Duja Marshamallow
    with a Rasbperry Jelly Center and Peanut Sable Cookie | Enrobed in
    68% Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Marshmallow |  Enrobed in 68% Dark
  • Guava and Pineapple
    Coconut Pâte de Fruit | Bi Layer
  • Mango and Gianduja Pâte de
  • Raspberry and 70% Chocolate
    Pâte de Fruit


Pre Crystallization -or Tempering- 101

This course is ideal for anyone
passionate about Chocolate! Not only beginners who are new to this world,
but for people who have been working with chocolate for years, know for a fact that without
a correct pre
crystallization -or tempering-  no chocolate work could be done, but do
not fully understand what is really happening… How can we be in control and be
able to resolve issues during our production if we do not understand this

In this Class you will learn three different
tempering techniques, because depending on your conditions, one method could be
more suitable than the others.

Class program:

The following three methods of pre crystallization
-or tempering- will be taught:

  • Tabling
  • Seeding
  • Seeding with creamy Cacao Butter

Another topic we will cover during Class is how to
adjust the viscosity of your chocolate couvertures according to your needs.

* We highly recommend that you take
this class before you decide to enroll in any other of our Chocolate


Panning and Indulgent Chocolate Snacks

A fun and dynamic Online Class with Chefs Melissa Coppel and Andres Lara.

A flavor driven course exploring long shelf life products like different panning items with a variety of centers like cereal, caramelized nuts,, chewy caramel and dried fruits. All with different finishes like natural shine, shellac and fruit powders.

Also confectionary products like sour patch gummy’s, wrapped caramels, marshmallows as well as “loaded” chocolate bars.

Walk away inspired and with many unique ideas to start a line of products -all with a great shelf life- for your Pastry or Chocolate Shop.


  • Tangy Freeze Dried Cherries with Homemade Cherry Chocolate, Ruby and Yogurt | Panning
  • Caramelized Pecans with Zephyr 35% Chocolate and Passion Fruit Powder | Panning
  • Chewy Caramel Cubes with Crunchy Hazelnut Praliné and Coffee | Panning
  • Caramelized Hazelnuts with Dark Chocolate 67% | Natural Shine | Panning
  • Captain Crunch Cereal and Salty Peanut Butter Duja | Panning
  • Pistachio Duja and Cherry Chocolate Loaded Tablet with Sicilian Pistachios and Crunchy Cherries
  • “Ispaham” Tablet: Raspberry Chocolate, Rose Petals and Freeze Dried Lychees
  • Persian Honey Nougat with Roasted Pistachios and Orange Peel
  • Chocolate Nougat with Cocoa Nibs and Toasted Hazelnuts
  • Sour Patch Gummy’s
  • Raspberry Chewy Caramels
  • Vanilla Chewy Caramels
  • Gianduja and Vanilla Marshmallow covered in Chocolate


Bean to Bar

Chef Wei Loon is world known for his flair with sugar art and phenomenal airbrushing techniques.

In this hands-on Class Chef Tan will explain the creative process of transforming a design from a sketch to beautiful display piece.