Panning and Confections

As small coated bites with a variety of inclusions, dragées are an excellent addition to your company’s repertoire. This means that you can be as creative and innovative as you like with these versatile confections, while offering a long shelf-life product with a beautiful finish. In this flavour-driven course, we will explore different panning products with a variety of centers, all with different finishes ( such as shellac) and natural powders to create the perfect dragées. The flavor combinations we will explore will leave your customers wondering how something so small can contain so much flavor and texture!

Running a Chocolate Production II

A three-day, hands-on class where Chef Melissa will teach you all the things she wishes she had known when she first started in the wholesale chocolate business, as well as 16 amazing recipes including enrobed and molded bonbons. Join her at the School in Las Vegas to get some tips on how she managed to supply all the casinos of that incredible city and many other hotels throughout the U.S. a few years ago.

This class is for everyone: for those who currently have a business and are struggling with the day to day operations, as well as those who want to start a chocolate business and start off on the right foot.

The topics Chef Melissa will cover in this class are truly comprehensive. Decorations that are colorful and beautiful (but take no more than two steps to make) are one of the main focuses of this practical and theoretical course. But you will also learn all the basics of running a successful business: costs, packaging, branding, storage, shipping, and productivity: the works!

This Running a Chocolate Production course would not be complete without an exciting list of 16 recipes, like a Piña Colada Ganache or a Tiramisu Bonbon, that you will be making, step-by-step, with Chef Melissa. 

We are sure these treats will keep your customers coming back to your shop. After all, business talk shouldn’t interfere with our greatest asset: creativity. We can’t wait to see you at the Schoo

Eclairs by Garuharu

If we had to choose one word to describe the éclairs of Chef Yun Eunyoung, the mastermind behind Garuharu, we would have to go with “expressive”. With each of her creations, we feel like we are witnessing a recipe in bloom: colorful, fresh, inviting.

In this class, you will learn how to make these French pâte-à-choux classics with the wonderfully-intriguing twist that Eunyoung gives to all of her seasonal, fruit-centric pieces. 

From Garuharu’s immaculate double vanilla éclairs to the shop’s eye-catching orange, red, and green mango ones (which even get a little stem to mimic the look of this tropical fruit!), all the creations you will learn in this live online-live class balance artistry with pastry perfection.

Turn leftovers into delicious products!

It’s 2023, and we no longer believe in food waste, so we’re bringing you a class that’s close to our philosophy. The best part? It’s online-live AND free! Chef Melissa Coppel is leading this creative class (where you can ask her all the questions you want, no matter where you are in the world) in which we will explore how we can commit to respecting and giving a second chance to the beautiful ingredients we work with. 

Not only is this a great way to reduce costs, but it also allows us to use our creativity to find new ways to make delicious recipes that our customers will love with what we already have at hand. This class will also give you a sneak peek into our online-live classes, so you can hopefully join us in the near future!

Candy Bars

In this class, we take chocolate bars and push their flavor boundaries! Using intriguing combinations reminiscent of childhood favorites, popular recipes, and even savory classics, Chef Melissa will create chocolate bars that will surprise your palate and unleash your creativity. 

 During this two-day live online class, Chef Melissa’s recipes will inspire you to transform your favorite flavors into bold, but most importantly, delicious products. Whether it’s alcoholic beverages, snacks, cheeses, or more “traditional” sweets, as long as you’re honest with yourself and the quality you want your products to achieve, you can incorporate any quirky ingredient you want into your chocolate bars.

With this in mind, the class will cover 4 recipes, starting with a “Coffee Praliné, Espresso Ganache, Brownie Cubes and Caramel Marshmallow “Tart”” and “Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats”. But it will also explore more complex flavor profiles, such as an Italian-inspired “Strawberry Parmesan and Balsamic Bar” and an American-German-inspired “Pretzel Praliné and Beer Caramel Bar”. 

Best of all? These bars have a great shelf life and your customers will love them!

Tarts by Garuharu

Five recipes to discover the sophisticated and fresh world of tarts from Chef Yun Eunyoung, owner of the acclaimed Seoul pastry shop Garuharu. In this live online lesson, Eunyoung celebrates the flavor and color of fresh fruit with a mini blueberry tart and a cherry and chocolate version rooted in Black Forest cake. 

The other three recipes you will learn in this online-live course fall on the richer side of the spectrum with a hazelnut sesame tart, an exotic caramel tart, and a crème brûlée. The latter two recipes are eggless and gluten-free, respectively, making them the perfect treat for these dietary choices. 

Thanks to Eunyoung’s meticulous approach, this spread of tarts showcases what Garuharu claims to strive for on its website: “A new world of gastronomy.”

Chocolate Treats Melissa Coppel

A treat is meant to be enjoyed and to make you feel good and comforted when you try it: that’s what the recipes we’ll be making in this online-live class are all about! 

These treats are the kind our clients will love as they celebrate those traditional, delicious pies that stay with us forever.

[During the class, we will make a Cappuccino Whoopie Pie that feels like the grown-up, richer version of this comforting pick-me-up. 

Then, a recipe that reminds Chef Melissa of one of her favorite tropical childhood flavors from Colombia by making a passion fruit jelly and passion marshmallow coconut praliné pie. 

Finally, peanut butter has its moment with a banana caramel, peanut butter ganache, and peanut butter crisp.

Enrobing Techniques

Enrobing requires a fine balance between the thinness, proper pre-crystallization, and cocoa butter content of our chocolate couverture. When making chocolate bars, dessert bars, and other enrobed confections, we must ensure that these elements are in balance to create glossy pieces with a sophisticated finish. At the same time, we must learn how to coat our products with a layer of chocolate that is thin enough to enhance, rather than overwhelm, our ganaches and products. In this online-live course, we will use four fantastic recipes –including three ganaches and a Mendiant bar– as the perfect excuse to cover all the steps and methods we need (hand dipping and machine enrobing, mainly) to make beautifully enrobed products, whether you have a large production or just enjoy making a handful of impeccable-looking pieces.