On Demand Intensive Chocolate Workshop

The only class where Chef Melissa teaches all her Chocolate art: From her beautiful glossy Molded Bonbons, to her unique “ Dessert inspired” Chocolate Bars and for those in love with the Classics: some Enrobed pieces as well.

Her first stop will be teaching you her tricks to ALWAYS get that gloss everyone raves about. Then she will teach you a wide variety of colorful cacao butter decorations using different tools like sponges, brushes, stencils, tape and of course the spray gun, so you can achieve different looks by simply knowing how to adjust the settings.

She will explain as well how according to the opacity / translucency of the colors you are using, you will get very different results. Next step will be learning how to make the perfect chocolate shells and how the viscosity of the chocolate plays a big role.

And what about fillings? This Class program is designed to cover the two main families of fillings: from fat base fillings like praliné, gianduja, duja and crunchy elements. To water base fillings like caramel, compotes, jellies, marshmallow, marzipan and ganaches made with different base liquids like cream, fruit purees and water.

In the Enrobed bonbon section Chef Melissa will teach you how to do a proper chablon -both top and bottom- cut ganaches using a guitar, and how to coat them in Chocolate using an enrobing machine.

This class will finish with the Ganache Formulation theory, so you can start balancing -and fixing- your own ganache recipes to have the texture you are looking and a minimum of 6 weeks shelf life.

Molded Bonbons

  1. Cacahuète: Salty Peanut Duja | Caramelized Peanuts | Chewy Caramel Cube
  2. La Esmeralda: Banana Caramel | Black Truffle Ganache
  3. Exotic: Mandarin Black Pepper and Alto el Sol 65% Ganache
  4. Lebanon: Tangy Lemon Ganache | Dates and Coffee Crunch
  5. Caracas: Floral Mango and Tonka Bean Ganache
  6. Caramelo: Smoked Salt Caramel Ganache
  7. Peach Sesame: Peach and Vanilla Compote | Sesame Ganache | Zéphyr Caramel
  8. Piemonte: Hazelnut Ganache | Gianduja

Enrobed Bonbons

  1. Yuzu Mandarin: Yuzu Marzipan | Vanilla Citrus Ganache
  2. Hong Kong: Jasmine Tea Ganache | Passion Fruit Pâte de Fruit

Dessert Bars

  1. S’mores: 65% Ganache | Graham 
  2. Mount Lychee: Yogurt Ganache | Raspberry Rose Compote | Lychee Crunch
  3. Lime Pie: Sour Cream Marshmallow | Lime Curd Ganache | Maria Cookie Crunch
  4. Apple Pie: Apple Caramel | Pecan Praliné


On Demand Colorful Spraying Techniques

An Online Class where Chef Melissa will share with you her expertise on a topic that has taken her almost 10 years to perfect. A program designed for students searching for new ideas to refresh their collections with beautiful, colorful and glossy cacao butter designs. 

In this two intense days Class you will learn all the tricks and techniques to take your skills to a whole new level.

15 different colorful designs using tape, stencils, sponges, brushes and a spray gun will be made during the Class.

On Demand American Style Cookies: The Perfect Cookie.

American style cookies could be described as the perfect cookie: soft and chewy in the center, with just the right amount of crunch around the edges.

They become an obsession to whoever has ever try to make them; simply because  getting them just right is not as easy as it seems. It all goes down to the perfect formulation of the cookie dough. Chef Andres Lara will unfold the mystery and will explain everything about the interaction between ingredients, the right method to make them and the perfect internal temperature you need to cook them at. After all the bases are done, he will take them to another level loading them with indulgent elements like chewy caramel cubes, fluffy marshmallow and everything in between.

  • S’mores Cookie: Chewy Chocolate Cookie loaded with Caramel Cubes and Fluffly Vanilla Marshmallow torched à la minute.
  • Brown Butter Blondie / Cookie Bar: 70% Ocoa Couverture and Maldon Salt Flakes
  • Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie: Chewy Vanilla Cookie with 75% Tanzanie Chocolate
  • Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Cookie with Gianduja and Caramalized Cacao Nibs



On Demand Pre-crystallization- or Tempering – 101

This course is ideal for anyone passionate about Chocolate! Not only beginners who are new to this world, but for people who have been working with chocolate for years, know for a fact that without a correct pre crystallization
-or tempering-  no chocolate work could be done, but do not fully understand what is really happening.