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Tiramisu Molded Bonbons

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Course Overview

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats two essentials: chocolate and Tiramisù. So why not combine them? In this On-Demand recipe, Chef Melissa plays with a Marsala custard for a fragrant ganache that recalls the mascarpone layers of this sweet Italian wonder. Then, for the coffee element, the bonbons come with a hint of crunch with her almond coffee praliné. All of these flavors and textures are soaked by a small insert of biscuit joconde instead of the traditional ladyfingers. 

In this class, Chef Melissa will also share with you all the essential steps you need to take when spray-painting and decorating your molded bonbons: from a spray chart detailing how to prepare your colors and pre-crystallize them, to how the temperature of the room you’re working in and of the molds affect the gloss and finish of your shells!