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Tarts by Garuharu

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Course Overview

Five recipes to discover the sophisticated and fresh world of tarts from Chef Yun Eunyoung, owner of the acclaimed Seoul pastry shop Garuharu. In this live online lesson, Eunyoung celebrates the flavor and color of fresh fruit with a mini blueberry tart and a cherry and chocolate version rooted in Black Forest cake. 

The other three recipes you will learn in this online-live course fall on the richer side of the spectrum with a hazelnut sesame tart, an exotic caramel tart, and a crème brûlée. The latter two recipes are eggless and gluten-free, respectively, making them the perfect treat for these dietary choices. 

Thanks to Eunyoung’s meticulous approach, this spread of tarts showcases what Garuharu claims to strive for on its website: “A new world of gastronomy.”