CATEGORY: On-Demand Class

Tarts by Garuharu | Exotic Caramel & Tropical Tarts

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Course Overview
Let Chef Yun Eunyoung, the mastermind behind Garuharu Seoul, take you behind the details and careful attention to technique and food science that go into two of her stunning tarts. In this class, you will learn how to make her signature Exotic Eggless Caramel Tart, which combines a crunchy coconut streusel, a blond chocolate mousse, and a bright mango, coconut, and passion fruit purée. Chef Eunyoung then moves on to her Tropical Tart, which layers a coconut streusel base with a coconut biscuit. Both are finished with piped drops of passion fruit cream and coconut whipped cream and decorated with flower petals, pistachios, and coconut shavings. These two recipes showcase Garuharu’s seasonal approach to pastry and the meticulous knowledge of temperatures and ingredient interactions that Chef Eunyoung has mastered to build one of South Korea’s most acclaimed pastry shops.