Pre Crystallization -or Tempering- 101


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Course Overview

This course is ideal for anyone
passionate about Chocolate! Not only beginners who are new to this world,
but for people who have been working with chocolate for years, know for a fact that without
a correct pre
crystallization -or tempering-  no chocolate work could be done, but do
not fully understand what is really happening… How can we be in control and be
able to resolve issues during our production if we do not understand this

In this Class you will learn three different
tempering techniques, because depending on your conditions, one method could be
more suitable than the others.

Class program:

The following three methods of pre crystallization
-or tempering- will be taught:

  • Tabling
  • Seeding
  • Seeding with creamy Cacao Butter

Another topic we will cover during Class is how to
adjust the viscosity of your chocolate couvertures according to your needs.

* We highly recommend that you take
this class before you decide to enroll in any other of our Chocolate