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Online-Live | Glossy Bonbons

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Course Overview

Two intense days alongside Chef Melissa learning everything about Glossy Bonbons.She will share her expertise about color: she will teach you how to make cacao butter colors from scratch -using lyposoluble powders as well as natural pigments- Then she will talk about choosing the right pigmentation percentages. You will learn -and practice- a variety of unique and colorful decorations using sponges, stencils, brushes, tape, and of course, many designs just using the spray gun.
After painting, she will teach you how to make perfectly thin chocolate shells and a variety of fillings like praliné, caramels, compotes, and ganaches using different liquids like cream, water and fruit purées. The Class will finish showing you how to close the bonbons -with and without guitar sheets-, as well as how to handle the final product: storage and shipping.