CATEGORY: On-Demand Class

OD|Pre-Crystallizing or Tempering Chocolate

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Welcome to the origin of all perfect chocolate creations!

Good chocolate is the result of good tempering. Saying pre-crystallization (the term we prefer for tempering) is essential to chocolate is an understatement. After all, we owe the gloss, the snap, and the unctuousness of chocolate to this step.

What’s more, pre-crystallization is required in fat-based fillings (giandujas and pralinés) and other preparations, such as spreads, making it a truly essential skill. In this On-Demand class we want to give you a solid foundation to help you master the backbone technique of chocolate making. From learning how to do table-top pre-crystallization, to using creamy cocoa butter, or finding your way around a tempering machine; we go over all the main techniques to make impeccable chocolate. 

All of this, of course, paired up with a detailed explanation of the theory behind pre-crystallization and the polymorphic nature of cocoa butter. 

Whether you’re looking to start your chocolate journey on the right foot -or you’re a seasoned chocolatier looking to perfect the most basic, but essential, skill in our craft- this class will be a valuable contribution to your creative process.