Marshmallows and Pâte de Fruits


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Course Overview

Next in
our Confections Series we will introduce you to the world of Pâte de
Fruits -or Fruit Jellies- and Marshmallows! Confections so decadent
and delicious that will be hard to resist, and the best of all? They are both: very
simple to make and have such a great shelf life that you will instantly fall in
love with them!

Chef Andres will propose unique flavor combinations
and textures to give a real twist to this Classic Confections. Be
prepared to be
surprised! And to hear your clients rave about them!

If you have ever taken a Class with
Andres you should know he is very food science oriented, so discussing the
different hydrocolloids, sugars or proteins inside each one of this recipes
will be a big part of this Class.

Class Program:  

  • Coconut and Tangy Sudachi Marshmallows
  • Salty Peanut Duja Marshamallow
    with a Rasbperry Jelly Center and Peanut Sable Cookie | Enrobed in
    68% Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Marshmallow |  Enrobed in 68% Dark
  • Guava and Pineapple
    Coconut Pâte de Fruit | Bi Layer
  • Mango and Gianduja Pâte de
  • Raspberry and 70% Chocolate
    Pâte de Fruit