Hands On | Chocolate Bootcamp by Melissa Coppel, Olivier Fernandez and Ramon Morató

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

   For many chocolatiers, Ramon Morató’s book Chocolate has become an indispensable guide for bonbon-making and a testament to this Spanish maestro’s deep knowledge of the craft. Since opening the school, Chef Melissa Coppel has made it a point to collaborate with Chef Morató as much as possible to bring you his remarkable understanding of chocolate theory and artistry. 

This December, he and Chef Melissa will teach you all the steps to creating molded and enrobed bonbons that shine for their technical skill and delicious flavor in this hands-on class in Las Vegas. For two days (and a total of 16 hours), these two chocolate visionaries will work with you to create 12 bonbon recipes that demonstrate the beautiful variety and personal touch that can come to life through bonbons. We’ll provide breakfast and lunch at the school, and we’ll celebrate with a wonderful buffet spread once the class is concluded!