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Coffee Pound Cake by Garuharu

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Chef Yun Eunyoung confirms that coffee and chocolate are meant to showcase the best of each other in this Coffee Pound Cake recipe from Garuharu, her renowned Seoul atelier. Each cake consists of three layers of moist coffee cake, soaked in a Kahlúa and espresso syrup, with a Caraïbe and espresso dark chocolate ganache. Then, each pound cake is enrobed and brushed for a unique finish that looks both rustic and precise. The notes of coffee liqueur and smooth chocolate bring this traditionally humble and warming recipe to a new level of delicious complexity. In this on-demand recipe video, Chef Yun covers topics such as the perfect pound cake batter temperature, how to make 30 Baumé syrup, and the principles of ganache emulsification, giving you the tools to make perfect, moist pound cakes with a longer shelf life.