CATEGORY: On-Demand Class

Chocolate Bars or Spanish “Turrones” by Enric Monzonis

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Course Overview

Enric Monzonis has been behind some of the most impressive desserts in the Adrià brothers’ kitchen, making fun, awe-striking pieces that leave a mark in those who’ve tried them. In this On-Demand class, he takes a look back on the sweets of his region to explore everything the Spanish turrón (a version of chocolate bar) has to offer. The results are nothing short of provocative! With a chai masala turrón, a basil and yuzu turrón and a black sesame and matcha turrón; he draws inspiration from essential South-East Asian flavors and lets them shine with the impeccable taste and decoration he gives to these traditional confections. 

The breakdown of the turrones is as follow: 
Chai Masala Turrón: Chai Masala and Earl Grey Tea Ganache | Sablé Breton Cookie  | Almond Praliné
Basil and Yuzu Turrón: Basil and Yuzu Pâte de Fruits | Basil and Yuzu Ganache
Black sesame and Matcha Turrón: Black Sesame Streusel | Black Sesame Duja | Matcha and Yuzu Ganache 
Tempted yet? We surely are…