CATEGORY: Online Live Class

Candy Bars

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

In this class, we take chocolate bars and push their flavor boundaries! Using intriguing combinations reminiscent of childhood favorites, popular recipes, and even savory classics, Chef Melissa will create chocolate bars that will surprise your palate and unleash your creativity. 

 During this two-day live online class, Chef Melissa’s recipes will inspire you to transform your favorite flavors into bold, but most importantly, delicious products. Whether it’s alcoholic beverages, snacks, cheeses, or more “traditional” sweets, as long as you’re honest with yourself and the quality you want your products to achieve, you can incorporate any quirky ingredient you want into your chocolate bars.

With this in mind, the class will cover 4 recipes, starting with a “Coffee Praliné, Espresso Ganache, Brownie Cubes and Caramel Marshmallow “Tart”” and “Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats”. But it will also explore more complex flavor profiles, such as an Italian-inspired “Strawberry Parmesan and Balsamic Bar” and an American-German-inspired “Pretzel Praliné and Beer Caramel Bar”. 

Best of all? These bars have a great shelf life and your customers will love them!