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Blueberry Tart | Plant Bases

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Course Overview
Moist, flavorful, light, and fluffy, Lauren V. Haas’ plant-based Lemon Blueberry and Chocolate Tarts integrate a burst of textures and flavors. The zesty, fresh flavor of a soft lemon sponge cake (paired with a Meyer lemon curd) creates a beautiful and colorful contrast to the soft and purple blueberry compote and meringue in these dome-shaped tarts.
The recipe also includes a cocoa sablée base that you can use in your production, and a blueberry and blackcurrant chocolate that can be turned into tangy and perfectly fruity tablets and ganaches.
This tart is a concise masterclass in learning and formulating the basics of plant-based pastries such as meringues, cakes, chocolates, garnishes, sablée dough, decorations, and compotes!