SPRAY BOOT CAMP Andrey Dubovik and Melissa Coppel

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SPRAY BOOT CAMP Andrey Dubovik and Melissa Coppel

This program is design for all of those wanting to learn the art of Colorful Molded Chocolate Bonbons. Having two Chocolatiers specialized in this topic sharing their work and techniques with you will open up a whole new world of possibilities and improve your repertoire.

The way the class is design:

You will spend the first two days with Chef Melissa Coppel, making 8 different molded bonbons from start to finish.

Then you will spend the last two days with Chef Dubovik, creating as well 8 different molded bonbons.

Not only you will learned how to make them beautiful on the outside, but also delicious on the inside, by learning a wide range of fillings like:

Water base ganache, oil base ganache, fruit base ganache, cream base ganache, caramel, marzipan, gianduja, fruit compotes and crunchy elements.

September 19- 22 2019
Melissa Coppel
Owner Atelier Melissa Coppel
Cacao Barry Ambassador USA
Top 10 Chocolatiers in America 2016
Chocolatier of the Year 2013
Andrey Dubovik
Follow him on: Instagram: andrey_dubovik